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Without drastic measures being taken in the next 15 years current healthcare systems will prove to be unsustainable.

Almost everywhere the demand for healthcare is rising, healthcare costs are steeply increasing, quality and access to health differs, and financial incentives in health systems often are incongruous. The complexity of the healthcare organization in many countries makes quality assessment very difficult and for patients just a labyrinth.

New developments such as better and faster diagnostic tools and more personalized medicine can lead to cost reduction. But when not controlled may lead to spiraling costs. Governments, health providers, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and society have to take responsibility to guarantee a sustainable future for healthcare systems. All stakeholders realize that new paradigms and business plans are urgently needed.

The World Healthcare Forum wants to be a global initiative. Specific problems and solutions for the less developed countries will also be part of the programme. The WHF helps formulating these paradigms and business plans and define action plans, facilitating policymakers and decision makers from all over the world. Therefore WHF wants to be on the frontline. It wants to create action! Please join us! Be part of the Action!

What we will discuss

Forum Themes

The Forum has identified five main themes in which game-changing innovations towards a future of sustainable healthcare are expected to take place.


Nutrition, Lifestyle and Health

The importance of nutrition in the prevention of illness and disease has long been recognized. Now, attention has turned toward the healthcare professionals who serve a key role in promoting healthy eating. We will discuss game-changing innovations on this topic as well as what we can do about awareness and education. Also we like to share insights concerning Digital Health possibilities.

Topics to be discussed: Innovation & Startups | Awareness | Education | Digital Health


Innovative Treatment Modalities

Within treatment modalties a lot of revolutionizing  innovations are taking place at this very moment. For treatment of – for example – Cancer, Alzheimer, other chronic diseases and resistant pathogens, important innovations will be discussed during this Forum.

Topics to be discussed: Cancer | Alzheimer | Chronic diseases | Anti Microbial Resistance | Improvement of diagnostics


Disruptive Technology & Innovations

In 2030 Healthcare will be more and more digitalized. Which disruptive technologies & Innovations we know today will change the healthcare? Topics like Blockchain and AI will be discussed, as well as other future technologies that will have impact on the entire health chain.

Topics to be discussed: IoT | Blockchain | AI | Robotics | Digital Health | Mobile Health | Pricing, are also part of the programme.


Global Public Health

The complexity of the healthcare organization in many countries makes quality assessment very difficult and for patients just a labyrinth. New developments such as digital healthcare can lead to cost reduction and get drugs faster to the patient anywhere in the world. The Forum wants to identify the major needs, best practices and challenges, business models et cetera, not only in the western world but also in eg Africa. It will generate an integrated view by promoting a dialogue between all key-stakeholders.

Topics to be discussed: Awareness | Access to Medicine | Vaccine Networks | Data sharing | Pricing | Digital Healthcare | Lack of Antibiotics | Neglected Tropical Diseases


Advanced Healthcare Systems

When it comes to your healthcare, quality counts. Advanced Healthcare systems are able to add this quality. Within this topic, we will share insights on system that revolutionize healthcare.
Our current healthcare system is reactive-based, within the Advanced Healthcare Systems the proactive approach is most important. A future of sustainable healthcare requires input and support of all stakeholders in the health chain on a global level.

Topics to be discussed: VBH & Integrated Health | Patient Centricity | Evidence Based Care | Mobile Healthcare | Digital Healthcare | Pricing

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