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November 28-29, The Hague, The Netherlands
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Our Foundation

The World Healthcare Forum Foundation was first created in 2012 by Jan Verhoef (CEO) and Harm Snippe (CFO). Our Foundation was founded to improve global healthcare with the universal goal of creating affordable healthcare for everyone. The forum wants to reach this goal by connecting leaders in the world of health from all over the world. It is not only the question what has to happen, but also how this should be implemented.


Jan Verhoef

Professor Jan Verhoef (1944) founded the World Healthcare Initiative in 2009. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Utrecht where he has been Professor of Clinical Microbiology.

As a scientist, physician, consultant and entrepreneur within the health sector, World Healthcare Forum founder Jan Verhoef has a solid track record on many different aspects of healthcare and healthcare innovations. After his retirement, Verhoef wants to make his dream come true:

‘My dream is to help creating a sustainable healthcare, accessible and affordable to everybody on this planet.’

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Verhoef states that a joint vision of all stakeholders is the only way to create sustainable healthcare.

Without drastic measures being taken in the coming 15 years, current healthcare systems will prove to be unsustainable throughout the world. Healthcare as an elementary human right is being threatened worldwide by a number of factors. Almost everywhere the demand for healthcare is rising, healthcare costs are steeply increasing, quality and access to health differs, and financial incentives in health systems often are incongruous.

Professor Jan Verhoef founded the World Healthcare Forum in 2011. Professor Verhoef received his M.D. and Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Utrecht where he has been Professor of Clinical Microbiology. From 1978 till 2008 Prof. Verhoef has been Chairman of the Eijkman-Winkler Institute of Medical and Clinical Microbiology at the University of Utrecht. From 1983 to 1990 he was a member of the Dutch Governmental Advisory Board for the Registration of Drugs. He was the founder of Ugene B.V. (CRO) which was later sold to Kendle International. He received several honours and awards and has been a member of advisory boards of many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He was the founder and first president of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. He organized several major international meetings. Prof. Verhoef is also a member of various editorial boards. He published over 650 scientific publications in journals and books.

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Global advisory board

The advisory board consists of a Dutch advisory board (45 members) and an international board (25 members). Both boards consist of key note figures in the world of health.

Our advisory board consists of representatives of all key stakeholder groups including supranational organizations, NGOs, governmental organizations, healthcare providers, insurance companies, healthcare suppliers, life-science/pharmaceutical companies, academia and educational institutions.

The advisory board has a supporting and thinking function, together they formulate advice that will lift help bring the World Healthcare Forum to a higher level. The board also contributes to the formulation of the program.

As we believe in the power of combining both experienced and young minds, we also have a young board. Our young board help up keep a track of new ideas en new ways of thinking.


Our Core Team

The World Healthcare Forum core team consits of the executive board and a core vendor FUSE responsible for the organization, logistics, support and sponsorship of our Forum.

In addition to Prof. Dr. Jan Verhoef, Olenka van Ardenne forms part of the executive board as vice chairman executive committee. Olenka has management and extensive legal experience in banking and healthcare, namely in respect of cure, pharma, compliance and medical devices. Olenka had positions in the Regieraad Quality of Care in the Netherlands and (supervisory) board of healthcare foundations. She is the author of several publications about finance and healthcare.

FUSE is a full-service communication agency based in Amsterdam. FUSE has four departments: Content & Strategy, PR, Social Media and Paid Media. FUSE’s philosophy is aimed to execute services holistically for the benefit of their clients, as well as within The Netherlands, as abroad.

Interested to know more? Just write to us: info@worldhealthcareforum.com

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